Studying the contribution of cytosolic chaperones to mitochondrial protein import

Advisor: Doron Rapaport

PhD Program: International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS) 'From Molecules to Organisms'
Location: University of Tübingen - Interfaculty Institute of Biochemistry (IFIB)

Project description
Mitochondrial proteins are encoded in the nucleus, translated by cytosolic ribosomes and then imported into the organelle. Recently, a detailed understanding of the intra-mitochondrial import pathways of these proteins was obtained. In contrast, it is still unclear how newly synthesized mitochondrial proteins reach the mitochondrial surface in an import-competent conformation. In this project, we would like to unravel the cytosolic events of this process by studying how the involvement of cytosolic chaperones and cochaperones assures the optimal biogenesis of newly synthesized mitochondrial proteins.

More information on Doron Rapaport and a selection of recent publications can be found on his faculty page.

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