ICE diversity in plant-associated microbial communities

Advisor: Honour McCann

PhD Program: International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS) 'From Molecules to Organisms'
Location: Max Planck Institute for Biology

Project description
Horizontal transfer allows for the rapid exchange of genetic material between bacterial pathogens. A class of large mobile elements called integrative and conjugative elements (ICEs) carry the machinery required for excision, circularisation, conjugative transfer and site-specific recombination into the chromosome of an adjacent bacterium. In addition to the genes encoding these traits, ICEs frequently carry accessory genes with either clear or cryptic associations with pathogen fitness. This research project will investigate ICE diversity in plant-associated microbial communities and characterise the function and impact of horizontally transferred genes on bacterial fitness in the phyllosphere.

More information on Honour McCann and a selection of recent publications can be found on her faculty page.


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Application deadline: 6 February 2022

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