Epigenetic reprogramming in the red algal life history

Advisor: Michael Borg

PhD Program: Tübingen International PhD Program in the Biological Sciences (TIPP)
Location: Max Planck Institute for Biology

Project description

Research and tasks:

Red algae are a diverse group of marine algae that form a distinct eukaryotic lineage within the Plant kingdom. Like plants, red algae also undergo an alternation of generations during their life history, but they are unique among eukaryotes in that they express three distinct life phases. Navigation through this complex life history involves the differentiation of complex organs that support a sophisticated mode of sexual reproduction that rivals that seen in land plants. Despite their ancient origin and essential role in aquatic ecosystems, very little is known about red algal development at a molecular level, while many other aspects of their biology remain virtually unexplored. This project aims to establish a novel model organism to study molecular and developmental biology in red algae and ultimately determine how the epigenome influences their fascinating reproduction and unique life history.

Our requirements:

  • hold, or expect to hold, a Masters (or BSc) degree in Molecular Biology, Plant Biology or related subject area. All prior degree work must be finished before the PhD start date.
  • have an interest, skills and/or knowledge in Developmental Biology and Epigenetics and are keen to perform both wet-lab work and bioinformatic analysis.
  • be able to demonstrate a high level of written and spoken English.
  • If you have obtained your degree(s) outside the European Higher Education Area your application should include scores from the GRE General Test.

Our offer:

The Tübingen International PhD Program in the Biological Sciences (TIPP) provides future you with comprehensive training that promotes scientific excellence, independence and creativity. We offer

  • excellent facilities
  • tailored support from your advisor and a thesis advisory committee
  • core and optional development opportunities to improve your scientific and transferable skills
  • multicultural environment with English as the working language
  • A fully funded research position (65% E13 TVöD Bund).


Before registering to apply please check that you meet our requirements and familiarize yourself with the application process.

The position is available from March 2022 (although a later starting date is possible).

Application deadline: 06 February 2022


More information on Michael Borg and a selection of recent publications can be found on his faculty page.

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