Experimental evolution of phenotypic robustness

Advisor: Luisa Pallares

PhD Program: Tübingen International PhD Program in the Biological Sciences
Location: Friedrich Miescher Laboratory, 
Evolutionary Genomics of Complex Traits Group

We are looking for a PhD Student (m/f/d) to join the Evolutionary Genomics of Complex Traits group at the Friedrich Miescher Laboratory on the Max Planck Campus in Tübingen, southern Germany.

Experimental evolution of phenotypic robustness: Projects on this topic will address a) how does the adaptation process shapes phenotypic variance and b) which are the underlying genetic loci regulating changes in phenotypic variance during adaptation. Using wild-derived fly populations, the student leading this project will use/develop expertise in experimental evolution, generation and bioinformatic analysis of large genomic datasets to map the genetic basis of morphological and transcriptional robustness before, during, and after the population adapts to a new environment.

Our requirements:

  • Hold, or expect to hold, a Masters (or Diplom) degree in a relevant subject. All prior degree work must be finished before the PhD start date.
  • Have experience in genomics, molecular biology, statistics, and coding skills. Interested in evolutionary biology.
    Be able to show that your interests, skills and knowledge match well with your proposed area of doctoral research. 
    Be able to demonstrate a high level of written and spoken English.
    Have strong motivation to work in international teams.

We offer:

  • Excellent facilities
  • A fully funded research position (payment level according to E13 65% TVöD Bund). The salary includes all mandatory social insurance contributions for healthcare, unemployment, and retirement benefits
  • Tailored support from your advisor and a thesis advisory committee
  • Opportunities to visit international meetings to present your work
  • Core and optional development opportunities to improve your scientific and transferable skills
  • Multicultural environment with English as the working language

Successful candidates will join the International Max Planck Research School ‘From Molecules to Organisms’.

To apply, please register and complete our online application form.

Application deadline: 5 September 2022

For further information about the research project, please contact Luisa Pallares

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