Advisor: Mechanisms for dual distribution of proteins between peroxisomes and mitochondria

Doron Rapaport

 PhD Program: International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS) 'From Molecules to Organisms'
Location: University of Tübingen

Project description
We know very little about how proteins are distributed between two intracellular destinations – a process called dual targeting. We aim to shine mechanistic insight into the process of dual targeting, taking, as a model the abundant cases of dual targeting of proteins between the yeast mitochondria and peroxisomes. By uncovering the full spectrum of dual-targeted proteins, screening for the machinery factors that affects it, and biochemically dissecting the signals and components that guide it, our aim is to provide a novel understanding of this little understudied and important process.

More information about the research of Doron Rapaport and a selection of recent publications can be found on hisfaculty page.

To apply

Application deadline: 8 February 2023

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