Temporal dynamics of symbiosis: From the cradle to the grave

Advisor: Hassan Salem

PhD Program: International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS) 'From Molecules to Organisms'
Location: Max Planck Institute for Biology

Project description
Microbes are critical for the development of many animal groups. But that reliance can vary depending on the developmental stage of the host, and the metabolic factors supplemented by the symbiont. Despite that variation, little is known concerning how symbioses are maintained throughout the lifespan of an animal, the underlying factors behind temporal variation in symbiont abundance, and the mechanisms by which an animal regulates this process. The envisioned project is contextualized through our work on leaf beetles and their streamlined symbiosis with pectin-degrading bacterial symbionts. The successful applicant will combine high-resolution microscopy, transcriptional profiling, biochemical assays, and RNA interference to explain temporal variation in symbiont titers relative to the nutritional, developmental, and reproductive ecology of its host. 

More information about the research of Hassan Salem and a selection of recent publications can be found on hisfaculty page.

To apply

Application deadline: 8 February 2023

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