miRNAs as mobile signals in development

Advisor: Marja Timmermans

Location: University of Tübingen

Small RNAs act as mobile signals in several patterning processes. Reminiscent to classical morphogens, small RNAs provide positional information and generate precisely defined domains of gene expression through an intrinsic, threshold-based readout of their mobility gradients (Skopelitis et al., 2017). The cell-to-cell movement of small RNAs occurs via plasmodesmatal channels, which are gated at individual cell-cell interfaces to regulate mobility and pattern small RNA activity (Skopelitis et al., 2018). We now seek to understand how small RNAs move, how their mobility at plasmodesmata is gated, and how the threshold-based readout of mobile small RNA gradients is realized?


More information about the research of Marja Timmermans and a selection of recent publications can be found on her faculty page.

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