Establishment of background-free RNA proximity labelling for low abundant RNA-protein complexes

Advisor: Ralf-Peter Jansen

Location: University of Tübingen

Proximity labelling is a new biochemical approach that allows the identification of bait-associated proteins or RNAs by biotinylation in vivo. The technique has been widely applied to protein complexes as well as RNA-protein assemblies (RNPs, RNA-protein particles). However, most RNPs are very dynamic and can undergo rapid changes in their protein partners. Hence, the application of proximity labelling techniques for the characterisation of RNPs requires certain modifications, e.g. increase in labelling efficiency or reduction of labelling times. In collaboration with other lab members, the prospective student will develop and optimise novel methods for background-free proximity labelling of RNA-bound proteins, using high and low abundant model mRNAs in cultured cells.

More information about the research of Ralf-Peter Jansen and a selection of recent publications can be found on his faculty page.

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