Visual analytics of cross-species integrative genomics and transcriptomics comparison

Advisor: Kay Katja Nieselt

Location: University of Tübingen

Many large-scale transcriptome studies so far have focused on the detailed acquisition of expression profiles within one organism to for example generate an overview of expression comparing different conditions (mainly using bulk RNA-seq approaches) or tissue atlases (nowadays often using scRNA-seq approaches). In parallel, visualization methods or tools for these transcriptome data have mainly focused on single species. Much less focus so far has been laid on the comparison of transcriptomes across species, in particular when it comes to the development of visual analytics approaches that allow the cross-species comparison of both genomic as well as transcriptomic data. In my group first analytical approaches (with the SuperGenome concept to compare genomes and transcriptomes of different strains within one species for example) and visual methods (with OmicsTIDE to compare different omics data sets within one species for example) have been developed. In this project visual analytics approaches shall be developed that integrate and compare both genomic as well as transcriptomic data from different species. The general aim of the project is to understand the variation of genomes as well as transcriptomes across different samples between different species.


More information about the research of Kay Nieselt and a selection of recent publications can be found on her faculty page.

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