PhD students of the 2020 IMPRS cohort sit on the stairs inside the institute and look into the camera.

Our internationally leading PhD Programs aim to train the future generation of research leaders in life sciences. The programs provide you with the opportunity to work at the cutting edge of your field and are an excellent starting platform for a successful career in science.

PhD Programs

Three PhD students sit on a bench inside the institute and four students stand behind them. All look into the camera.
The IMPRS 'From Molecules to Organisms' is a joint graduate school operated by the Max Planck Institute for Biology, the Friedrich Miescher Laboratory and the University of Tübingen. The aim of the school is to provide the next generation of scientists with the knowledge and skills to study complex biological processes, which cannot be adequately understood within the limits of single disciplines, in the context of entire organisms.

Five PhD students sit around a table inside the institute and talk.
The Tübingen International PhD Program in the Biological Sciences is the joint graduate program of the Max Planck Institute for Biology and the Friedrich Miescher Laboratory. It aims to provide future research leaders with comprehensive training that promotes scientific excellence, independence and creativity.
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