A group of scientists is sitting in a seminar room listening to a lecture.

Training and Development

In order to do your research, communicate it effectively and complete your doctorate on time, you will require a wide range of skills and knowledge. Some of this will be acquired during the course of your day-to-day research activities, but you will also need to take steps to make sure that you identify and access any other personal & professional development opportunities you need. This will not only help you to complete your doctorate successfully, but also allow you to enhance your career prospects.

Core training and development program
The core activities are designed to help you get off to a good start with your PhD and to get feedback on your project, interact with other members of the school and build plans for the future.

Further training and development opportunities
You can expand on the core program by participating in additional development opportunities. These include workshops and seminars on various topics but also journal club participation and event organization.

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