Four PhD students sit at a table in the seminar room and talk about their work.

Supervision & Mentoring

We promote early independence and support you to succeed by integrating you into a vibrant and ambitious research community, providing dedicated supervision and mentoring, and supporting your professional and personal development.

All students join the school with one particular faculty member assigned as advisor. You will carry out your doctoral research in their group and they will provide the ongoing, direct supervision and support you need to establish and carry out your PhD project.

Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC)
A second level of supervision is delivered by the thesis advisory committee (TAC). This committee consists of your advisor plus at least two further faculty members chosen by the advisor and you. You meet with your TAC at least once a year to report on progress. 

The TAC's role is to help you accomplish your ambitious research aims and get the maximum benefit from your doctoral training. The TAC does this by TAC members:

  • guiding you through each stage of your research with critical feedback and advice. 
  • offering their expertise, broad experience, and dedicated guidance
  • advising on suitable training and continuing professional development
  • supporting you in effectively planning their future careers or acting as a referee

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