Photo of 4 students sitting together looking at the camera

PhD student representatives

The PhD student representatives - alongside the PhDnet representative - are the elected voice of the PhD students.

The PhD student representatives help to improve the working and studying conditions within the programs and serve as a direct link between between the student body and the MPI directors and administration.
To enhance the student experience in and outside the lab the PhD  student representatives:

  • gather and represent students’ opinions about their program and experience,
  • meet quarterly with the director leading the PhD programs,
  • meet regularly with members of the Researcher Support Team,
  • support the organization of the PhD student Retreat,
  • organize social events throughout the year and
  • organize the PhD student representative elections.

Since 2016 a PhD student is elected annually to represent our PhD Students at the PhDnet, the network of all PhD candidates and PhD student representatives of the Max Planck Society. While the  PhD student representatives take care of the communication between PhD students and other organs within their institutes, the PhDnet representatives are responsible for the communication to the other PhDnet and Max-Planck Society organs.

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