Marja Timmermans

miRNAs as Mobile Signals in Development

University of Tübingen
Faculty in: IMPRS


  • PhD studies at Rutgers University, 1990-1996
  • Postdoctoral training at Yale University, 1996-1998
  • Assistant, Associate, and Full Professor at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, 1998-2015
  • Alexander von Humboldt Professor at the University of Tübingen since 2015

Research Interest
The focus of our research is on pattern formation in development. We investigate how new tissues and organs arise at plant stem cell niches. We combine molecular genetics with single cell genomic approaches, quantitative time-lapse imaging, and theoretical modeling to discern the spatiotemporal patterns of gene regulation driving cell fate decisions. Please see here for more detail.






Available PhD Projects

Selected Reading

  •  Skopelitis, D., et al. (2018) Gating of miRNA movement at defined cell-cell interfaces governs their impact as positional signals. Nat Commun. 9, 3107.
  • Skopelitis, D., et al. (2017) Boundary formation through a direct threshold-based readout of mobile small RNA  gradients. Dev Cell 43, 265-273.
  • Denyer, T., et al. (2019) Spatiotemporal developmental trajectories in the Arabidopsis root revealed using high-throughput single cell RNA sequencing. Dev Cell 48, 840-852.
  • Burian A., et al. (2022) Specification of leaf dorsiventrality via a prepatterned binary readout of a uniform auxin input. Nat Plants 8, 269-280.


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